The steering wheel of the life

I found myself in a kind of bus and I saw a being who was driving “Look, it’s the steering wheel that when you start driving a car or other type of vehicle, you have to know how to hold it well between your if not at every hole or obstacle, it will tend to be unbalanced and go in all directions, except for going forward.This is your way my sister and brother, too often when you are in special situations, it’s because you’ve left the wheel for a while, the steering wheel represents your soul.When you focus on the ego, your mind swells more and more and tries to get you into other directions, recreating other situations and paths of life that your soul did not choose at the beginning. The soul chooses its path when it is reincarnated, it chooses its way of evolving and thus rediscovering its light with time, but often it’s you that increase the energy with your mind. If you are driving your car (the life you have now), you must hold the steering wheel firmly in your hands, because it is absolutely a priority to avoid tripping over other obstacles and constantly changing directions. When you pay close attention to the wheel, then to your soul, you will first of all avoid taking other directions of life, so that you will stick to the path already defined by your soul. The soul guides you, always and only towards the light and the peace, always right in front of you, even if on this road you will meet anyway obstacles, or people and particular situations, know that they must make you think to advance and not to go back or change direction using your ego as you always do. You let your flying (soul) go where the ego wants to go. So, you should not be saddened if you live in other ways and different situations, because you create them. Understand it and accept it. And know that your steering wheel and your car are also indirectly guided when you ask, the one who accompanies you faithfully throughout this journey, and often speaks to you to make you understand something …. it’s me, your angel friend, and guardian of your heart <3. “

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