When in meditation, the book was dictated to me by this Being of Light called Nossor.  It touches different topics such as creation, life after death, other civilizations and dimensions, ascendent Beings and other related topics.



After the beginning of spiritual awakening and of strange symptoms, I began to have the taste for meditation.  I isolated myself every day, even for just 15 minutes, to create a void around me and inside me, so I could meditate.  Thus began a dialogue with this being of light, Nossor, he who invited me to write a book to let us know their truths.

It Becomes a daily appointment, where he speaks to me of the beginning of the creation, of our world and energy, to the incarnation of our soul, and the discovery of other lives and other worlds.  I begin to travel in the astral through his help and some other beings of light.  Questions come out spontaneously, and he as always, reads my thoughts even before I ask him.  A fantastic voyage, but still authentic to me and for all those who will believe it.

The information contained in this book will broaden the spiritual horizons of your consciousness and wisdom that you have already innate in yourself.


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