A beautiful light opens before me: “Open your arms, sister, open your arms, my brother, and welcome your fellow man with so much compassion and love. He doesn’t know, you do. He doesn’t see, you do. He doesn’t hear, you do. Today you will understand that my words have come at the right time in your life, because I listen to your thoughts, I listen to your sufferings. I’m with you, sister, I see everything you’re going through or suffering, and I’m here to give you the comfort of a real brother. Open your arms and come to me, also and especially when you hug your brother who hurts you, know that now you hug me, you don’t to see him with the eyes of your head, but look at him with the eyes of your soul, as I see you. Nothing comes to you by chance, it is you who chose it so long ago and today because I felt you so sad , I came down for you, to flood you with my love. I’m there for you, I’m there for you when you cry and suffer, I’m there for you when you hug and forgive anyone who hurt you. Know that I am always present when all your thoughts and actions are fulfilled according to the laws of love and compassion. Today, observe your unconscious brothers and show them that you are a divine being, a being that goes beyond the realm of materialism and gives them a gesture of peace and forgiveness. You are the example of a divine life on this earth and I am so happy and at peace to be at my side here and especially in eternity. I am my sister, and you are my brother, today and forever, even more in my heart, know this. With eternal love, your divine brother, Jesus “

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