The 2020 energy

( sorry for the mistakes but this is not my native language)

I was doing something in my room, when I had to leave everything and I had to write, because a set of words came like a waterfall. “Sisters and brothers, there are very strong emotions that will have to come out of each of you. You will have, (yes, because I speak to you, but I speak to all those who are sensitive to energies), moments or days of sadness, that you feel sad, angry, tired and in pain, and you will have moments of calm and peace. There are intense emotions that need to come to the surface and that still need to be released slowly. These are coming from within you right now, so let them go. come and do not force, but listen to your body and evacuate with calm, respect and relaxation. Take many breaths, meditate, walk, stay in contact with nature, the trees, embrace them and above all thank everyone for what you are living in this period of change. You who feel it, who feel these vibrations, all these emotions and these bizarre symptoms, you know that you are growing and that you are evolving towards the new world that you are aiming for. Thank you sister, thank you brother that you will go towards this exceptional current of purification of your physical and mental body. Go with courage, without looking back, and know that your goal is there that awaits you with so much love. Love yourself more than ever, in this moment and in this period of profound transformation because your physical body needs it. Take a break from the big chores and meditate a little more often a few minutes a day, find yourself to regain some energy and go through your day. Call me to help you when you think you need it and you can’t do it alone-o I will come to you, and with me your angel guides. I am the archangel Raphael.

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