Do not listen when someone want break you…

These words echoed around me “Sister, don’t let any voice rise in you. It’s not worth staying with a powerful mood or voice that will only lower your beautiful vibrations. The noises and words that surround you are not true, and this is what you must keep in yourself. Do not listen when someone wants to break your inner stillness, do not listen when someone wants to bring chaos into your life or those of others. Do not listen when this someone comes into your home with the mind of a sweet bunny and that then ignites its fiery claws. Please sister, and you brother, today, tomorrow and all the other days, do not listen to the discord that comes to you in order to possess you, and do not even look at that person who comes to bring her to you. Have mercy on her, find the light in her and forgive her when she is sowing it. You with your big heart, you can stop her. Even if this person talks to you, even if he throws words and actions at you ite of wickedness, and of indignation, do not listen to it and remain in your beautiful peace. Believe me it is not really worth what you are inside and that you continue to sow, enlightening all the others who believe these beautiful words of yours. I am close to you, listen to me and look into my eyes, I come to you in my depth because “I know who you are”. I am in you and you are in me. Always find that smile of yours as long as I find it in you and rejoice in it. Walk with the same light that I have for you. Look at me now, listen to me and walk alone with me forever. Your Jesus.

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