Do not try……

Sister, brother, do not try to be happy, but be happy. Do not try to compete continuously with your other brother, but always be yourself. Do not look for sand grains everywhere, but be the beach full. Do not try to live with speed, instead take your breaks every holy day. Don’t try to grab everything or always want it, you already have everything you need. Don’t try to get angry and angry, be patient always. to hurt, because that’s not you yourself. Don’t try to destroy your world, the world belongs to you. And don’t try to use violence that is physical or verbal, you’re not a monster of selfishness. If our Creator he donated a brain and a heart is to make it work in the most balanced way. The brain to think and the heart to create it. If you don’t put your heart into what you do, you don’t create it, because you know that the ego always seeks more and goes beyond all forms of transgression to draw you down. You do not try to turn off your heart, but be yourself, feel, smile, embrace, speak, listen, care, and fall in love with anything without really needing it. You don’t need anything, you already have it inside to create it in your image. You have a divine image and please don’t change it with the ego mental. Just create what you are and nothing else. “

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