The hole man.

They make me see a man who is in the middle of a hole and is black all around… “My sister and your brother, when a person you’re like, does not want to give you the hand to get out of this hole, you can not to insist that he decides himself, it is his will, he is in his free will. Your light does not interest him for the moment, and therefore they are not yet ready to be helped in this life, they are not yet ready to accept some things to seek change. In this hole they are, after all, even if they spend most of their lives complaining, cursing everything and seeing black everywhere they have to understand that they are themselves creating it and digging that hole more and more. Their ego is so strong that they are ready to attack everyone and everything that is changing around them, and when they notice, especially people who, like you, try to wake them in their heart, to do so. Finding their best feelings is that their mind or ego, takes the fear of having to abdicate and it turns against you. For those of you who still want to stretch out your arms and try to see the good in each of them, you will understand that they must be left in the hole they have dug themselves and continue to sink into. They refuse to listen and to be helped, abandon them! … leave them to their destiny, because their path must not cross yours, otherwise they will always tend to attack you. Peace does not exist in their heart for the moment, and they will not want to see it in yours, they are filled with arrogance, anger and revenge, and your compassion will never understand it, you must use it only for those who want to listen and see. That these messages only happen to those who put them into practice and who can think.
[9:03 AM, 2019-10-20] Sonia: The choice belongs to everyone, you remain in peace and let them no longer enter your inner world. With love and faith… Ezechiel “

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