The 2020 energy

( sorry for the mistakes but this is not my native language)

I was doing something in my room, when I had to leave everything and I had to write, because a set of words came like a waterfall. “Sisters and brothers, there are very strong emotions that will have to come out of each of you. You will have, (yes, because I speak to you, but I speak to all those who are sensitive to energies), moments or days of sadness, that you feel sad, angry, tired and in pain, and you will have moments of calm and peace. There are intense emotions that need to come to the surface and that still need to be released slowly. These are coming from within you right now, so let them go. come and do not force, but listen to your body and evacuate with calm, respect and relaxation. Take many breaths, meditate, walk, stay in contact with nature, the trees, embrace them and above all thank everyone for what you are living in this period of change. You who feel it, who feel these vibrations, all these emotions and these bizarre symptoms, you know that you are growing and that you are evolving towards the new world that you are aiming for. Thank you sister, thank you brother that you will go towards this exceptional current of purification of your physical and mental body. Go with courage, without looking back, and know that your goal is there that awaits you with so much love. Love yourself more than ever, in this moment and in this period of profound transformation because your physical body needs it. Take a break from the big chores and meditate a little more often a few minutes a day, find yourself to regain some energy and go through your day. Call me to help you when you think you need it and you can’t do it alone-o I will come to you, and with me your angel guides. I am the archangel Raphael.

Do not listen when someone want break you…

These words echoed around me “Sister, don’t let any voice rise in you. It’s not worth staying with a powerful mood or voice that will only lower your beautiful vibrations. The noises and words that surround you are not true, and this is what you must keep in yourself. Do not listen when someone wants to break your inner stillness, do not listen when someone wants to bring chaos into your life or those of others. Do not listen when this someone comes into your home with the mind of a sweet bunny and that then ignites its fiery claws. Please sister, and you brother, today, tomorrow and all the other days, do not listen to the discord that comes to you in order to possess you, and do not even look at that person who comes to bring her to you. Have mercy on her, find the light in her and forgive her when she is sowing it. You with your big heart, you can stop her. Even if this person talks to you, even if he throws words and actions at you ite of wickedness, and of indignation, do not listen to it and remain in your beautiful peace. Believe me it is not really worth what you are inside and that you continue to sow, enlightening all the others who believe these beautiful words of yours. I am close to you, listen to me and look into my eyes, I come to you in my depth because “I know who you are”. I am in you and you are in me. Always find that smile of yours as long as I find it in you and rejoice in it. Walk with the same light that I have for you. Look at me now, listen to me and walk alone with me forever. Your Jesus.

Do not try……

Sister, brother, do not try to be happy, but be happy. Do not try to compete continuously with your other brother, but always be yourself. Do not look for sand grains everywhere, but be the beach full. Do not try to live with speed, instead take your breaks every holy day. Don’t try to grab everything or always want it, you already have everything you need. Don’t try to get angry and angry, be patient always. to hurt, because that’s not you yourself. Don’t try to destroy your world, the world belongs to you. And don’t try to use violence that is physical or verbal, you’re not a monster of selfishness. If our Creator he donated a brain and a heart is to make it work in the most balanced way. The brain to think and the heart to create it. If you don’t put your heart into what you do, you don’t create it, because you know that the ego always seeks more and goes beyond all forms of transgression to draw you down. You do not try to turn off your heart, but be yourself, feel, smile, embrace, speak, listen, care, and fall in love with anything without really needing it. You don’t need anything, you already have it inside to create it in your image. You have a divine image and please don’t change it with the ego mental. Just create what you are and nothing else. “


A beautiful light opens before me: “Open your arms, sister, open your arms, my brother, and welcome your fellow man with so much compassion and love. He doesn’t know, you do. He doesn’t see, you do. He doesn’t hear, you do. Today you will understand that my words have come at the right time in your life, because I listen to your thoughts, I listen to your sufferings. I’m with you, sister, I see everything you’re going through or suffering, and I’m here to give you the comfort of a real brother. Open your arms and come to me, also and especially when you hug your brother who hurts you, know that now you hug me, you don’t to see him with the eyes of your head, but look at him with the eyes of your soul, as I see you. Nothing comes to you by chance, it is you who chose it so long ago and today because I felt you so sad , I came down for you, to flood you with my love. I’m there for you, I’m there for you when you cry and suffer, I’m there for you when you hug and forgive anyone who hurt you. Know that I am always present when all your thoughts and actions are fulfilled according to the laws of love and compassion. Today, observe your unconscious brothers and show them that you are a divine being, a being that goes beyond the realm of materialism and gives them a gesture of peace and forgiveness. You are the example of a divine life on this earth and I am so happy and at peace to be at my side here and especially in eternity. I am my sister, and you are my brother, today and forever, even more in my heart, know this. With eternal love, your divine brother, Jesus “

The hole man.

They make me see a man who is in the middle of a hole and is black all around… “My sister and your brother, when a person you’re like, does not want to give you the hand to get out of this hole, you can not to insist that he decides himself, it is his will, he is in his free will. Your light does not interest him for the moment, and therefore they are not yet ready to be helped in this life, they are not yet ready to accept some things to seek change. In this hole they are, after all, even if they spend most of their lives complaining, cursing everything and seeing black everywhere they have to understand that they are themselves creating it and digging that hole more and more. Their ego is so strong that they are ready to attack everyone and everything that is changing around them, and when they notice, especially people who, like you, try to wake them in their heart, to do so. Finding their best feelings is that their mind or ego, takes the fear of having to abdicate and it turns against you. For those of you who still want to stretch out your arms and try to see the good in each of them, you will understand that they must be left in the hole they have dug themselves and continue to sink into. They refuse to listen and to be helped, abandon them! … leave them to their destiny, because their path must not cross yours, otherwise they will always tend to attack you. Peace does not exist in their heart for the moment, and they will not want to see it in yours, they are filled with arrogance, anger and revenge, and your compassion will never understand it, you must use it only for those who want to listen and see. That these messages only happen to those who put them into practice and who can think.
[9:03 AM, 2019-10-20] Sonia: The choice belongs to everyone, you remain in peace and let them no longer enter your inner world. With love and faith… Ezechiel “


A very great being of light approached me, illuminating everything around us, and giving off an extraordinary light from the center of his chest. He told me “Sister, faith cannot be seen, nor measured nor touched, but I can declare you that this faith is found in each of you and also in those brothers who do not do those things in balance with their divine. In these people, faith is always present but hidden within them, and unfortunately in their terrestrial journey they tend to forget it and set it aside to make room only for their ego, their work, their material goods and their physical person. Who do not believe have all the rights to do so and nothing and no one can at least for the moment make them change their minds. Their concepts of unbelief are based solely on earthly beliefs and presences, based on primitiveness. divine because they are too self-centered, their self-love, their selfishness makes them increasingly distance themselves from the search for their soul and because they do not believe in God, they do not believe in their soul and will not be able to a year now believe in liberation through the death of the physical body. These beings do not even believe that there is life after death and that this life is the only and true one, since at this moment you are all living in a world created only in your image and created by your thoughts. You all create the reality in which you live and that you have chosen to live still, living from your actions.

Blessed are you who believe in a life after death and who now live according to your heart and your good deeds, because you will be enthusiastic and you will have the life you have always wanted when your soul leaves this world to reach our dimensions. And instead you who live by not believing in anything, you will find yourself wandering in a world made only in your image. Reflect brothers as you still have time to change your thoughts, and know that faith and your love will help you . We cannot oblige anyone but through our channels, that is these simple people who bring you our messages, we can give you concrete help. Do not throw away these messages because they are the fruits of our love and the love of Our Father for you all With faith and passion, you angel Michael

Please stop.

The world must be loved. Stop those hands that continually seek to destroy, violate and judge every person and everything. Please stop the atrocities that are being committed, we are so shocked to see so much violence between brothers. It is you who must find a way to get along with each other, you must put an end to these atrocities. Do you not wonder why your beloved land is giving you trouble? Nature, so beautiful, so sacred and beautiful, is contaminating itself with the fruit of your actions. You have created highly toxic chemicals, and you are pouring them into nature as well as breathing them and eating them. And so you are destroying beyond nature, even your physical body which is so perfect in our eyes. Dear brothers, stop those hands that stretch only to use violence, or to spread toxic waste everywhere. Stop those hands in the name of love for your land and for yourselves, if each of you could create an ocean if you really take responsibility. Each grain can form a beach. Your every prayer, your every thought and action can move an extraordinary energy to help stop all atrocities. You must think that you are the builders of your destiny and not God. It is you who have the power to build or destroy on this earth. Think about it and think about it, your planet needs you, your brothers need your prayers and your concrete help to survive.Thank you for listening. The Archangel Raziel”

One bag full of money, and one other is empty

Two bags appeared in front of me, the one on one side was full of money and assets, and the other one half empty, or at least he seemed to me. “” My sister, I know that among this bag full of money and the properties, and this other half empty bag, which seems to you half empty, but in reality, there is so much knowledge and wisdom, that most of your brothers would choose certainly and undoubtedly the first one. And it is this choice which makes me sad for you, because they do not realize that the bag full of money will make them even more hostile, hateful and insensible the ones to the others. On the contrary, the bag full of knowledge and the wisdom, if you choose him, or at least some people who will soon choose him, they will not be more hungry and will not be more thirsty, because they will be fed as well in your world through this knowledge, they will be even more so in our world. Everything will be quantified. These 2 bags follow one another in your daily life, and you can always choose them. I also tell you that there is no harm in having money and material goods, but you must not forget your true values, human and divine values … unfortunately, this is what always happens. What we always see is that this money and these goods leave room for a void of conscience, for those who have them or want them in their lives, forget to live in the present moment and mistakenly believe that money can bring joy and peace. But these two states of the divine being do not come from material goods, but from your state of being present at this moment and of behaving with a state of union, of accomplishment towards your brethren. You have to give your time and your happiness to someone who didn’t know him before. We must not depart from the present moment, you must live this life with the first bag just to be able to cross it, it is important to be able to use the second bag at any time, because with knowledge and wisdom, you would make good use of the first bag of money and material goods, not the other way around. Then, in choosing, start by choosing the second bag and you will see that with time, it will reach you, believing intensely, even the first bag. Believe me, brothers, I am your brother of the Star of Orion and I am here to bring you some of our knowledge and wisdom.”

Love yourself

I saw a man, in a halo of light spoke to me like this “Sister, the love you must feel first for yourself, must be a love without any gap without any block. Love yourself , for what you are and that you will love your body so perfect, even in its small physical imperfections, but know that your body is the abode of God’s light. Love yourself for the divine being that you are, loved for the thoughts of love and help you do, loved for the words and deeds you perform every day, and this from when you were little. Sister loved more than anything else in the world, because with you there is perfection, in you there is that ray of light that scratches every shadow, loved in your small and intimate being, loved in every movement you make and especially loved when in your thoughts you also bless the one who hurts you Sister, you don’t know A how much love you are capable of giving, you don’t know how much good you produce in yourself and around you I see everything that goes through you like in a flash of light that tends to enter that darker shadow. Sister you are all this and you are much more. You are the one who makes me live through you, and that no one will stop on this earth and under any circumstances, because in you it is innate. Know how to live as you are and never change for anyone, know how to continue in this direction of your being and your way of doing. Sister, I speak to you of love today, because you are special for me and for our Creator, just as all those who increase this energy, the energy of love, are also special . I bless you in my name Yeshua, in the Holy Spirit and in the name of Our eternal Father Amen. Beloved sister, and I will always guide you on this path…. Your divine brother Yeshua Jesus.


A beautiful angel appeared before me and threw in the air a sheaf of sparks of light that fell all around me… “Sisters, do not be discouraged, when less imagine, you will see miracles appear I cover you with this rain of energy of divine light to increase your vibrations and to encourage patience. Dear brothers and sisters, patience is a divine gift to be patient means to stop and try to If you want to get a grace, you just have to have faith and patience. Stay calm, enjoy the moment, even if it does not always seem like a good time, but in truth. I tell you that everything is perfect,every moment of your life. My sister and you my brother, do not run, but let time flow more slowly by living it intensively. Do not rush to wait for a tomorrow that may not be there no more, and you will not have lived this intense moment. I invite you to live this moment today and to be patient. You will obtain your grace. Live your day to the end and put your patience to the limit of all that is bearable, look around you and you will see many people running at the expense of patience. You live in a world that has accelerated, in forgetting to live it fully. Always take for granted the people you have close or the property you own, but you should never think so, because here nothing really belongs to you. Real life is not here, but in heavenly dimensions. Take care of your patience when leaving the race and tolerate more. Nobody is perfect on Earth, but your soul is, even that of the one who hurts you and humbles you. Have patience my earthly brethren, for it is the virtue of the strongest in the earth and will lead you to the light of our Father … I am Emmanuel.