Please stop.

The world must be loved. Stop those hands that continually seek to destroy, violate and judge every person and everything. Please stop the atrocities that are being committed, we are so shocked to see so much violence between brothers. It is you who must find a way to get along with each other, you must put an end to these atrocities. Do you not wonder why your beloved land is giving you trouble? Nature, so beautiful, so sacred and beautiful, is contaminating itself with the fruit of your actions. You have created highly toxic chemicals, and you are pouring them into nature as well as breathing them and eating them. And so you are destroying beyond nature, even your physical body which is so perfect in our eyes. Dear brothers, stop those hands that stretch only to use violence, or to spread toxic waste everywhere. Stop those hands in the name of love for your land and for yourselves, if each of you could create an ocean if you really take responsibility. Each grain can form a beach. Your every prayer, your every thought and action can move an extraordinary energy to help stop all atrocities. You must think that you are the builders of your destiny and not God. It is you who have the power to build or destroy on this earth. Think about it and think about it, your planet needs you, your brothers need your prayers and your concrete help to survive.Thank you for listening. The Archangel Raziel”

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