One bag full of money, and one other is empty

Two bags appeared in front of me, the one on one side was full of money and assets, and the other one half empty, or at least he seemed to me. “” My sister, I know that among this bag full of money and the properties, and this other half empty bag, which seems to you half empty, but in reality, there is so much knowledge and wisdom, that most of your brothers would choose certainly and undoubtedly the first one. And it is this choice which makes me sad for you, because they do not realize that the bag full of money will make them even more hostile, hateful and insensible the ones to the others. On the contrary, the bag full of knowledge and the wisdom, if you choose him, or at least some people who will soon choose him, they will not be more hungry and will not be more thirsty, because they will be fed as well in your world through this knowledge, they will be even more so in our world. Everything will be quantified. These 2 bags follow one another in your daily life, and you can always choose them. I also tell you that there is no harm in having money and material goods, but you must not forget your true values, human and divine values … unfortunately, this is what always happens. What we always see is that this money and these goods leave room for a void of conscience, for those who have them or want them in their lives, forget to live in the present moment and mistakenly believe that money can bring joy and peace. But these two states of the divine being do not come from material goods, but from your state of being present at this moment and of behaving with a state of union, of accomplishment towards your brethren. You have to give your time and your happiness to someone who didn’t know him before. We must not depart from the present moment, you must live this life with the first bag just to be able to cross it, it is important to be able to use the second bag at any time, because with knowledge and wisdom, you would make good use of the first bag of money and material goods, not the other way around. Then, in choosing, start by choosing the second bag and you will see that with time, it will reach you, believing intensely, even the first bag. Believe me, brothers, I am your brother of the Star of Orion and I am here to bring you some of our knowledge and wisdom.”

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