Love yourself

I saw a man, in a halo of light spoke to me like this “Sister, the love you must feel first for yourself, must be a love without any gap without any block. Love yourself , for what you are and that you will love your body so perfect, even in its small physical imperfections, but know that your body is the abode of God’s light. Love yourself for the divine being that you are, loved for the thoughts of love and help you do, loved for the words and deeds you perform every day, and this from when you were little. Sister loved more than anything else in the world, because with you there is perfection, in you there is that ray of light that scratches every shadow, loved in your small and intimate being, loved in every movement you make and especially loved when in your thoughts you also bless the one who hurts you Sister, you don’t know A how much love you are capable of giving, you don’t know how much good you produce in yourself and around you I see everything that goes through you like in a flash of light that tends to enter that darker shadow. Sister you are all this and you are much more. You are the one who makes me live through you, and that no one will stop on this earth and under any circumstances, because in you it is innate. Know how to live as you are and never change for anyone, know how to continue in this direction of your being and your way of doing. Sister, I speak to you of love today, because you are special for me and for our Creator, just as all those who increase this energy, the energy of love, are also special . I bless you in my name Yeshua, in the Holy Spirit and in the name of Our eternal Father Amen. Beloved sister, and I will always guide you on this path…. Your divine brother Yeshua Jesus.

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