A very great being of light approached me, illuminating everything around us, and giving off an extraordinary light from the center of his chest. He told me “Sister, faith cannot be seen, nor measured nor touched, but I can declare you that this faith is found in each of you and also in those brothers who do not do those things in balance with their divine. In these people, faith is always present but hidden within them, and unfortunately in their terrestrial journey they tend to forget it and set it aside to make room only for their ego, their work, their material goods and their physical person. Who do not believe have all the rights to do so and nothing and no one can at least for the moment make them change their minds. Their concepts of unbelief are based solely on earthly beliefs and presences, based on primitiveness. divine because they are too self-centered, their self-love, their selfishness makes them increasingly distance themselves from the search for their soul and because they do not believe in God, they do not believe in their soul and will not be able to a year now believe in liberation through the death of the physical body. These beings do not even believe that there is life after death and that this life is the only and true one, since at this moment you are all living in a world created only in your image and created by your thoughts. You all create the reality in which you live and that you have chosen to live still, living from your actions.

Blessed are you who believe in a life after death and who now live according to your heart and your good deeds, because you will be enthusiastic and you will have the life you have always wanted when your soul leaves this world to reach our dimensions. And instead you who live by not believing in anything, you will find yourself wandering in a world made only in your image. Reflect brothers as you still have time to change your thoughts, and know that faith and your love will help you . We cannot oblige anyone but through our channels, that is these simple people who bring you our messages, we can give you concrete help. Do not throw away these messages because they are the fruits of our love and the love of Our Father for you all With faith and passion, you angel Michael

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