The transformation

 I found myself on the wings of a beautiful butterfly of different colors and next to me, there was this being of light … “” I make you fly on the wings of this beautiful butterfly to be able to transmit to you this message of peace and transformation. At this time of year, you all feel that, through some physical and psychological symptoms, you feel that something is changing around you and in you. For the more sensitive and therefore more conscious people, it will be a little more painful, because they must try to free themselves from their thick layer, they must release what does not vibrate with the old convictions, nor with the old patterns of thought and of behavior. This means that you who are already bathing in the fourth dimension will have more and more access to these divine gifts that awaken more and make you feel different from the mass of people. I am talking about you, my sister and you, my brother, who now realize this transformation and therefore must fervently accept the hard things to live. By accepting them, you will allow time to control everything and, remaining in faith, everything will settle in its place but you will move into another phase of the divine evolution. You my sister and you my brother, who in this period you struggle or you suffer, do not get discouraged, never give up, because what you live now or that you feel in you, is a passing phase of your life and if you understand it you can throw it behind your back. Every symptom, every test that you live, accept it, also thank the source for bringing it to life, and also understand that, thanks to that, you grow in grace and make your way to the longest and most beautiful journey of your life. I know that it is not always easy to suffer and to miss something, but I know that everything can be exceeded by staying in the faith. When you feel sad or suffering, think that our Creator will give you eternal life in well-being. Now you saw what was destined for your evolution and, in this period of profound transformation of nature, everything increases in intensity. Once you have understood it and accepted it with an open heart, I have already told you that you will have reached the fifth dimensional doors … No one will have to stay forever in the third dimension of the earth, everyone must evolve, only time will do its work. Even the one who resists today will have to give up his primitive way of thinking and performing such primitive actions: it will take a little time but everyone will have to change and transform … You start now. Your friend the archangel Zaphiel “”

the destiny??

An angel spoke to me “” My brother, my sister, everything you go through, the hardships and the obstacles that stand in your way, remember that you can very well overcome them because we did not put anything in other than you are strong enough and confident to overcome it. If, on the contrary, you always see only black, negative, then you let life condition you, so you turn away from the path you chose at the beginning of reincarnation. So it is not true that there is a destiny, but it is also true that one day through the choices and thoughts that you make, you change your life program. Destiny is only a utopia, because each energy is constantly evolving and therefore in motion, so if you are a living being endowed with energy, you can very well change the choice of your reincarnation. The only thing that you can never change, and that will always exist, is only the transfer of your energy, the soul which, with the physical death of the human body, enters a dimension created by what you have thought and who built it himself. So you have to understand that every day, every difficult or simple event, was put there by yourself many years ago and you have to cross to evolve and finally understand that life is sacred and that each one of you must be loved and respected for what he is and not for what you see .. The important thing is to live with faith and love in the heart, because in so living your energy will be released a day in a new dimension based on unconditional love and eternal peace. You can not create such a beautiful dimension if you do not look for it first and you already want it in the density of the Earth. You must not believe in a destiny, for whom it is more difficult for one, but easier for the other, there you must understand why. The reason is in your energy frequency on what you have said, done and thought about and that you are still doing. Rectify your thoughts and actions, so as not to further burden your earthly destiny, so that more than fate, I speak only of karma. Dear Brother and Sister, I think I explained myself the best, but I already know that only a small part of you will understand these words and will think for that to change, I warned you how to change, now you will choose this that you want to relive. I bring you my sincere affection, your angel guide. «» ««

Come to me

A divine man has appeared among clouds … “” Come to me, my sister, come to me, my brother, so that I may comfort your heart and your body so painfully. I am around you and inside of you, I suffer with you because I see you suffer, I speak to you even when you do not listen to me, I also guide you when you sleep. Do not cry my sister and you too my brother, in this life all that you go through must be taken with more peace in your heart and understand that you must let him go, because everything will be put in place if you believe it. Look at the example of the butterfly, look when it is in the chrysalis phase, in its transformation, it must go out and free itself from the heaviness of the envelope, after which it will fly free and light in the world filled with beautiful things. Here each of you has his way full of beautiful things and less beautiful things. And today, even if the less beautiful things have been present for some time, remember that I tell you that everything is accelerating and will be the time of beatitude for you, terrestrial and astral satisfaction. Sister and you brother, be full of faith, I offer you my hand at this moment to console your suffering heart, and you will see that my signs for the days to come will rejoice you if you believe strongly in it. Everything will be replaced, believe me, I am your divine brother, the one you always call in your prayers, do not doubt that I am here and I will always be until the end of time. My heart belongs to you, just as your heart belon

The feather

I saw a white feather coming and it stopped next to me.

“Here is a feather, brothers.  A feather so light but above all so heavy.  I’m not talking about an animal feather, or the wings of an angel, but I refer to the feather that for centuries you have used to write and transcribe books or various messages.  There have been written with this feather, in the past, many books of which you also consider sacred but which in reality should not be because the only sacred thing is life itself, that is in each of you.  These books, which your ancestors wrote, are also the origins of various religions in your world. You consider many books as sacred, for example the Bible, a text written and rewritten by many people.  Too many.  Where the truths are hidden and erased in time. The first who started writing this text had very good intentions.  Then it was picked up by other people.  With the arrival of the religious power many religious verses and pages have been changed to fit to the human ways which were most appropriate at the time. There are also other texts like the Quoran, which have been rewritten by people who wished to possess and hold so many people in ignorance.  Most of your religions are sects that try to keep people closed, oppressed and in ignorance.  The feather that you need to write, and the pen today, even if they are materially light, when used in a nonsensical way, become very heavy and bad. We have not come here today to make you abdicate from any religion, if it makes you feel good. We have come here to offer you our presence and our message of peace of openness of knowledge.  Open the wisdom in you.  Do not believe what you they want to inculcate, but believe in your potential because each of you already has everything you need to evolve.  Knowledge is in you.  Wisdom is in you.  Joy is in you, and so much more.  You do not need books to know who you are and where you come from.  We are making people write some simple and fluent texts or books, just to let you have information about what you are and where you come from. Some useless books are snapped up and are published.  Instead those that are truly instructive for each of you, to help you remember who you are, well they are put aside or not published. The book of the person we channel through which wrote Astral, is one of those that are not taken into consideration.  The light and the wisdom that it brings you would benefit you so much on your evolution and your life in general.  Unfortunately, no.  Most of you still do not understand.  You read nonsense things and set aside texts that would enrich you with conscience.  Can you tell me what is the use of knowing the life of someone who lived 1000 years ago but does not know anything about his life? I am the one who lived in that distant time, and I grieve to see so many people, my brothers and sisters, who do nothing but worship others of the past and forget to worship only themselves.  Pray for your person and not for us, including me, the Virgin Mary, I Jesus or Our Father, and the various Saints.  We do not need to be worshiped, but only heard.  You must read those texts where we passed our information to make you understand who you really are and who have been written through the entities of light.  Open yourself to true knowledge and forget the sects that want to keep you in ignorance. You are free from every bond, from any law other than that of respecting your soul and that of your brothers. I stop here today, because you have so much to reflect upon.  Blessed is he who will believe in these words of mine and who will use his wisdom to evolve.”


“Sister, you must show it.  Never be afraid to tell the truth.  Never sister.”


June 7th, 2018

The hands

A man which I could not see well, stretched me his hands which In contrast could see very well. From these hands, the fingers opened to let me see better. I felt him saying to me;

“Hello sister, here are my hands, and also those hands you need not only to work or move, but these hands must also and above all touch, stroke, comfort, help and embrace.  Your hands are made up of 5 fingers and each finger is provided with sensitive cells which, by touching them, cause particular sensations of pleasure and otherwise.  These cells contain all of the vital energy that comes from your connection with the Creator or God.  Touching, caressing, you experience an ecstasy or a pleasure towards the one you feel attracted to, but they should not only serve you for your partner or your family. They must not only be used for manual or professional work.  These hands must be used above all to be in contact with everything: water, earth, nature, animals, people and to the inebriating scent of your soul.  Embrace, touch, feel everything around you, and let the most needy take advantage of the usefulness of your hands. Hands that reach out to another of your brothers are hands blessed and glorified by the Creator himself.  My beloved terrestrial brothers and sisters, stretch your hands and make sure that the sensory cells can always be in contact with those of another of your weaker brothers.  Give him the strength, courage and hope of a better future.  By doing this you too will benefit, as you remember that you are all linked to one another.  Never forget it.  I embrace you all, one by one to make you feel the touch and the warmth of my hands, but above all the warmth of my fraternal heart.”

Jesus, your brother blessed and resurrected among the heavens.

The path of life

I found myself in some place but it was not on Earth, and they showed me 2 types of caves with paths in every cave.  Everything was bright outside but inside I could not see anything.  I was standing in front of these caves.  A beautiful angel on my right began to give me this message for everyone;

“Sisters and brothers. The shortest path will not always make you reach the evolution and what you have set for yourself.  You have to choose the path according to what your soul emanates to you through the sixth sense, through emotions.  When you choose a path with opened heart, joy and peace, even if its  longer and full of trials or obstacles, remember that these feelings will help you to pass through anywhere and you will reach your objectives.  But when you tend to choose a path or a road, shorter, more opulent and rich, at least at the beginning it may seem like that, but slowly as you are walking you will notice that all the trials and things that are in it, do not bring you the joy, the peace and the love that your soul wants to live.  Only once, before you reincarnate, your soul has chosen what it wanted to live and the exact path to do it. Then finding itself in density the soul is confernted with another path that the ego whispers in continuation. Thus you create secondary paths to the first, and with consequences of other trials and obstacles.  Remember that only one is the path that will lead you to the evolution of your Karma, and that is through the choice of the soul.  When you are faced with a choice of life, work, health, remember that no one can choose for you.  It is your Higher Se that advises you to go towards that path or not.  Too often most of you are blind and deaf to choose the path that is less gleaming at the moment, to choose instead that path that at first sight seems richer, and more interesting, but which eventually proves to be harsh, dry of divine feelings of which you are, and therefore stops you in evolution.  Brothers, sisters, I implore you to choose only and always with your heart and not with your physical eyes.  What you choose even if it is sometimes difficult to decide, in the end you will always be rewarded for the love and the accompanying work.  There is no peace in those hearts that take advantage and judge. There is no love in those hearts that become dry in giving and not stopping to look at their weaker brothers.  There is no light in those who do not want to hear and do not even see.  Think about this.  Thank you sister “

The Beauty

A magnificent woman angel appeared, of a unique beauty.  She had a flower in her hair and from her emanated so much joy and so much light.  She tells me;

“The beauty of each person is not in the physical and on the face.  The beauty of each person is that which is found in his soul, and therefore I affirm that every soul is beautiful, is radiant and shines more than any star in the sky.  The physical beauty, the one of your body, is temporary, and with the passing of the years it tends to fade, like a flower.  The beauty of the soul instead with the years tends more and more to bloom and you know why?  The answer is very simple.  In the course of earthly life, every person’s soul knows and knows things that did not previously imagine knowing or being.  Over the years this soul makes a substantial increase in its evolution on the eternal path.  Therefore the more your soul opens up to a new consciousness and knowledge, the more your beauty appears bright and sparkling.  So dear sisters and brothers, do not be the ones who look mostly at physical beauty, for it will pass.  Look and care for only the inner beauty of every person who comes into your life and around you because it is what will really matter.  Every physical beauty will fade and even tends to dry up, but the beauty of your soul if you treat it with ardor, it will never fade and it will bring you so much peace and light in the universe of Our Father.  I represent this eternal beauty, and if all of you could see me as this sister writing the message saw me, you would be so amazed and excited about the eternal beauty and your soul.  I showed myself today through physical beauty, to make you understand that if you take care only of your body, you stop your evolution process.  On the other hand, if you take care of the beauty of every soul, you are continuing towards your proper evolution with the consequent change in dimension.  Courage, sisters and brothers.  Do not fade before you had a chance to bloom.  I wait for you with your beautiful thoughts full of gratitude and love.”

Your angel of divine beauty Jophiel.

May 23rd, 2018

The children are like butterflies

An enormous angel appeared before me and carried a beautiful butterfly between his fingers, which he released in front of me.  This butterfly fluttered free and happy.

“You must leave the butterflies free to fly, free to go where they want because if you hold them you will break their wings and they will no longer feel good in their life.  So are your children.  Your children, do not stop them, do not keep them locked up at home, let them express themselves and see new things.  They have to try everything in their life on earth, they must be free to express themselves with respect and not.  It is they who will have to rediscover the sense of compassion and respect for their fellow men.  A parent can show them the way, but he must not impede their path, choosing for them and speaking for them.  A child who is repressed, lowered, is a suffering soul.  He does not externalize its potential to be exploited because you stop it.  Let them walk, let them fall, give them responsibilities and also the consequences that come with them.  They must grow according to their model of life, and not yours.  Today’s children are much more evolved than others, and among them there are teenagers and children who could teach you the art of loving unconditionally.  Many of you repress them and many of you look at them with pity, because they see children or teenagers different from the crowd.  What does it mean to you to be different?  Being stupid, being without a brain or with special disabilities?  If you think so, you are wrong.  These souls are much more evolved people than you who come to bring you an open heart and conscience.  Respect them, love them and you will see that they will clear your head.  They will be formidable people who will accomplish many constructive things.  Give each child the love of growing up.  Be present in their life but watch them from afar and respect their lifestyle.  Do not cut the wings to any butterfly because one day this butterfly will amaze you.  Patience ..”

The Archangel Zadchiel.


Religion and Spirituality

A being of light, embraced a planet formed only of light.

“Dear brothers, I wish to explain the difference between a spiritual being and a religious being. Religion is a belief based and created exclusively by terrestrial man. Spirituality, on the other hand, is not a religious current, but rather a different way of belief and faith. Religion tends to suppress, to divide, to hide, to contract, to bind and to take possession. The spirituality of every believing being tends to enlarge horizons, to build, to unite, to free, to help and to evolve one’s own conscience. The fruits of religion are few in reality, centered above all on the possession of material goods and power.  Religion indoctrinates you to respect any law that a human has made. Only few adepts or disciples bring love and forgiveness to the foreground of religion.  I do not say that they are all like so, but they are the least part of those millions and millions of followers in religion who follow it with such ardor.  Tell me what do you follow? Do you follow, more than anything else, the power of religion or the true union of all peoples? A purely spiritual being tends instead to increase its faith in his home and individually. A totally spiritual being wants to bring light and wisdom into all that he does and that he says, because he knows that he is the incarnated light. A religious being, on the other hand, does not really know who he is, but follows the path of those who speak in the name of God, and who do not even know who God is.  A spiritual being knows who he is and where he comes from, he also knows what he wants and how to get it.  His guidance is only fraternal love, since he already knows that every living being is linked to him indiscriminately by race or social class. Please, before speaking in the name of a particular religion, close your eyes and reflect.  Do not follow those who dictate laws to you in the name of religion, for they are not created by any God but by man. Each of you has the strength and the wisdom inside to know what he wants to believe and how to do it.  Faith is in you, the light is in you, in each of you, just let it out and believe it totally.  Your Father, the only one, has made you free to choose and do what you want to do, so please do not let any religious current dictate laws that do not belong to you in reality. Wisdom is in you, choose it in the name of spirituality alone with no constraints. Do it today and tomorrow you will be happy to have chosen it, believe me.  My peace will bring you into the heart of the most loved being in time … Amen.”

Your archangel Uriel


The gift of love

An angel approached; “ Sister, today I bring you the gift of love. That love you all feel in you, that emotional love that you feel in intimate and important moments.  That same love that overwhelms you the day you come into the world of duality and above all that love that envelops you the day of your departure from the physical world in which you are.  This love that I give you today, defines what you really are and what you have become.  That love that despite all the problems that you create, consciously and unconsciously on your path of life, that love that will surround you and show you the right way to become a being of light as you really are. So many of you do not realize that your spirit, your soul transpires a feeling and a vibration so powerful that it can change an entire planet.  Since you keep walking with a bandage over your eyes and ear plugs, you can not see or hear the love that surrounds you.  Every living thing in your world is an energy of pure love that comes from the Source of God and each of these living beings should be loved and respected for what they are even if it has become the ugliest and most negative in your world.  Yes dear, I know it’s hard to hear that you should love your executioner, your torturer, your unfaithful. Know that at the moment when each of you will love even just a little of his executioner, here you are already becoming an energy of pure light.  you are now rising towards the Creator and you will have nothing more in return than joy, happiness and peace in your world.  To love also means to be hated.  To love is not to judge your executioner.  To love is to always bring respect and compassion towards all those who do not see and do not feel. To love is to rise above the stereotypes of your world which puts so much cruelty into your hearts. If today you choose this love, I promise to help you to make it sink in even more in your consciences. Life must be lived with love, with love and only with love.  If you understand my words you have discovered the great enigma of the doors of Eden.  When you love each other intensely, nothing can hurt you.  You are free to go where you want.  Unfortunately among you, there are those who love at convenience, therfore the purpose of this message for them will be in vain.  I hope that at least one among you will understand that the word “to love” means “to accept”.

Your faithful friend the guardian angel.”