Religion and Spirituality

A being of light, embraced a planet formed only of light.

“Dear brothers, I wish to explain the difference between a spiritual being and a religious being. Religion is a belief based and created exclusively by terrestrial man. Spirituality, on the other hand, is not a religious current, but rather a different way of belief and faith. Religion tends to suppress, to divide, to hide, to contract, to bind and to take possession. The spirituality of every believing being tends to enlarge horizons, to build, to unite, to free, to help and to evolve one’s own conscience. The fruits of religion are few in reality, centered above all on the possession of material goods and power.  Religion indoctrinates you to respect any law that a human has made. Only few adepts or disciples bring love and forgiveness to the foreground of religion.  I do not say that they are all like so, but they are the least part of those millions and millions of followers in religion who follow it with such ardor.  Tell me what do you follow? Do you follow, more than anything else, the power of religion or the true union of all peoples? A purely spiritual being tends instead to increase its faith in his home and individually. A totally spiritual being wants to bring light and wisdom into all that he does and that he says, because he knows that he is the incarnated light. A religious being, on the other hand, does not really know who he is, but follows the path of those who speak in the name of God, and who do not even know who God is.  A spiritual being knows who he is and where he comes from, he also knows what he wants and how to get it.  His guidance is only fraternal love, since he already knows that every living being is linked to him indiscriminately by race or social class. Please, before speaking in the name of a particular religion, close your eyes and reflect.  Do not follow those who dictate laws to you in the name of religion, for they are not created by any God but by man. Each of you has the strength and the wisdom inside to know what he wants to believe and how to do it.  Faith is in you, the light is in you, in each of you, just let it out and believe it totally.  Your Father, the only one, has made you free to choose and do what you want to do, so please do not let any religious current dictate laws that do not belong to you in reality. Wisdom is in you, choose it in the name of spirituality alone with no constraints. Do it today and tomorrow you will be happy to have chosen it, believe me.  My peace will bring you into the heart of the most loved being in time … Amen.”

Your archangel Uriel


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