The gift of love

An angel approached; “ Sister, today I bring you the gift of love. That love you all feel in you, that emotional love that you feel in intimate and important moments.  That same love that overwhelms you the day you come into the world of duality and above all that love that envelops you the day of your departure from the physical world in which you are.  This love that I give you today, defines what you really are and what you have become.  That love that despite all the problems that you create, consciously and unconsciously on your path of life, that love that will surround you and show you the right way to become a being of light as you really are. So many of you do not realize that your spirit, your soul transpires a feeling and a vibration so powerful that it can change an entire planet.  Since you keep walking with a bandage over your eyes and ear plugs, you can not see or hear the love that surrounds you.  Every living thing in your world is an energy of pure love that comes from the Source of God and each of these living beings should be loved and respected for what they are even if it has become the ugliest and most negative in your world.  Yes dear, I know it’s hard to hear that you should love your executioner, your torturer, your unfaithful. Know that at the moment when each of you will love even just a little of his executioner, here you are already becoming an energy of pure light.  you are now rising towards the Creator and you will have nothing more in return than joy, happiness and peace in your world.  To love also means to be hated.  To love is not to judge your executioner.  To love is to always bring respect and compassion towards all those who do not see and do not feel. To love is to rise above the stereotypes of your world which puts so much cruelty into your hearts. If today you choose this love, I promise to help you to make it sink in even more in your consciences. Life must be lived with love, with love and only with love.  If you understand my words you have discovered the great enigma of the doors of Eden.  When you love each other intensely, nothing can hurt you.  You are free to go where you want.  Unfortunately among you, there are those who love at convenience, therfore the purpose of this message for them will be in vain.  I hope that at least one among you will understand that the word “to love” means “to accept”.

Your faithful friend the guardian angel.”


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