The children are like butterflies

An enormous angel appeared before me and carried a beautiful butterfly between his fingers, which he released in front of me.  This butterfly fluttered free and happy.

“You must leave the butterflies free to fly, free to go where they want because if you hold them you will break their wings and they will no longer feel good in their life.  So are your children.  Your children, do not stop them, do not keep them locked up at home, let them express themselves and see new things.  They have to try everything in their life on earth, they must be free to express themselves with respect and not.  It is they who will have to rediscover the sense of compassion and respect for their fellow men.  A parent can show them the way, but he must not impede their path, choosing for them and speaking for them.  A child who is repressed, lowered, is a suffering soul.  He does not externalize its potential to be exploited because you stop it.  Let them walk, let them fall, give them responsibilities and also the consequences that come with them.  They must grow according to their model of life, and not yours.  Today’s children are much more evolved than others, and among them there are teenagers and children who could teach you the art of loving unconditionally.  Many of you repress them and many of you look at them with pity, because they see children or teenagers different from the crowd.  What does it mean to you to be different?  Being stupid, being without a brain or with special disabilities?  If you think so, you are wrong.  These souls are much more evolved people than you who come to bring you an open heart and conscience.  Respect them, love them and you will see that they will clear your head.  They will be formidable people who will accomplish many constructive things.  Give each child the love of growing up.  Be present in their life but watch them from afar and respect their lifestyle.  Do not cut the wings to any butterfly because one day this butterfly will amaze you.  Patience ..”

The Archangel Zadchiel.


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