The Beauty

A magnificent woman angel appeared, of a unique beauty.  She had a flower in her hair and from her emanated so much joy and so much light.  She tells me;

“The beauty of each person is not in the physical and on the face.  The beauty of each person is that which is found in his soul, and therefore I affirm that every soul is beautiful, is radiant and shines more than any star in the sky.  The physical beauty, the one of your body, is temporary, and with the passing of the years it tends to fade, like a flower.  The beauty of the soul instead with the years tends more and more to bloom and you know why?  The answer is very simple.  In the course of earthly life, every person’s soul knows and knows things that did not previously imagine knowing or being.  Over the years this soul makes a substantial increase in its evolution on the eternal path.  Therefore the more your soul opens up to a new consciousness and knowledge, the more your beauty appears bright and sparkling.  So dear sisters and brothers, do not be the ones who look mostly at physical beauty, for it will pass.  Look and care for only the inner beauty of every person who comes into your life and around you because it is what will really matter.  Every physical beauty will fade and even tends to dry up, but the beauty of your soul if you treat it with ardor, it will never fade and it will bring you so much peace and light in the universe of Our Father.  I represent this eternal beauty, and if all of you could see me as this sister writing the message saw me, you would be so amazed and excited about the eternal beauty and your soul.  I showed myself today through physical beauty, to make you understand that if you take care only of your body, you stop your evolution process.  On the other hand, if you take care of the beauty of every soul, you are continuing towards your proper evolution with the consequent change in dimension.  Courage, sisters and brothers.  Do not fade before you had a chance to bloom.  I wait for you with your beautiful thoughts full of gratitude and love.”

Your angel of divine beauty Jophiel.

May 23rd, 2018

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