The path of life

I found myself in some place but it was not on Earth, and they showed me 2 types of caves with paths in every cave.  Everything was bright outside but inside I could not see anything.  I was standing in front of these caves.  A beautiful angel on my right began to give me this message for everyone;

“Sisters and brothers. The shortest path will not always make you reach the evolution and what you have set for yourself.  You have to choose the path according to what your soul emanates to you through the sixth sense, through emotions.  When you choose a path with opened heart, joy and peace, even if its  longer and full of trials or obstacles, remember that these feelings will help you to pass through anywhere and you will reach your objectives.  But when you tend to choose a path or a road, shorter, more opulent and rich, at least at the beginning it may seem like that, but slowly as you are walking you will notice that all the trials and things that are in it, do not bring you the joy, the peace and the love that your soul wants to live.  Only once, before you reincarnate, your soul has chosen what it wanted to live and the exact path to do it. Then finding itself in density the soul is confernted with another path that the ego whispers in continuation. Thus you create secondary paths to the first, and with consequences of other trials and obstacles.  Remember that only one is the path that will lead you to the evolution of your Karma, and that is through the choice of the soul.  When you are faced with a choice of life, work, health, remember that no one can choose for you.  It is your Higher Se that advises you to go towards that path or not.  Too often most of you are blind and deaf to choose the path that is less gleaming at the moment, to choose instead that path that at first sight seems richer, and more interesting, but which eventually proves to be harsh, dry of divine feelings of which you are, and therefore stops you in evolution.  Brothers, sisters, I implore you to choose only and always with your heart and not with your physical eyes.  What you choose even if it is sometimes difficult to decide, in the end you will always be rewarded for the love and the accompanying work.  There is no peace in those hearts that take advantage and judge. There is no love in those hearts that become dry in giving and not stopping to look at their weaker brothers.  There is no light in those who do not want to hear and do not even see.  Think about this.  Thank you sister “

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