The hands

A man which I could not see well, stretched me his hands which In contrast could see very well. From these hands, the fingers opened to let me see better. I felt him saying to me;

“Hello sister, here are my hands, and also those hands you need not only to work or move, but these hands must also and above all touch, stroke, comfort, help and embrace.  Your hands are made up of 5 fingers and each finger is provided with sensitive cells which, by touching them, cause particular sensations of pleasure and otherwise.  These cells contain all of the vital energy that comes from your connection with the Creator or God.  Touching, caressing, you experience an ecstasy or a pleasure towards the one you feel attracted to, but they should not only serve you for your partner or your family. They must not only be used for manual or professional work.  These hands must be used above all to be in contact with everything: water, earth, nature, animals, people and to the inebriating scent of your soul.  Embrace, touch, feel everything around you, and let the most needy take advantage of the usefulness of your hands. Hands that reach out to another of your brothers are hands blessed and glorified by the Creator himself.  My beloved terrestrial brothers and sisters, stretch your hands and make sure that the sensory cells can always be in contact with those of another of your weaker brothers.  Give him the strength, courage and hope of a better future.  By doing this you too will benefit, as you remember that you are all linked to one another.  Never forget it.  I embrace you all, one by one to make you feel the touch and the warmth of my hands, but above all the warmth of my fraternal heart.”

Jesus, your brother blessed and resurrected among the heavens.

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