The feather

I saw a white feather coming and it stopped next to me.

“Here is a feather, brothers.  A feather so light but above all so heavy.  I’m not talking about an animal feather, or the wings of an angel, but I refer to the feather that for centuries you have used to write and transcribe books or various messages.  There have been written with this feather, in the past, many books of which you also consider sacred but which in reality should not be because the only sacred thing is life itself, that is in each of you.  These books, which your ancestors wrote, are also the origins of various religions in your world. You consider many books as sacred, for example the Bible, a text written and rewritten by many people.  Too many.  Where the truths are hidden and erased in time. The first who started writing this text had very good intentions.  Then it was picked up by other people.  With the arrival of the religious power many religious verses and pages have been changed to fit to the human ways which were most appropriate at the time. There are also other texts like the Quoran, which have been rewritten by people who wished to possess and hold so many people in ignorance.  Most of your religions are sects that try to keep people closed, oppressed and in ignorance.  The feather that you need to write, and the pen today, even if they are materially light, when used in a nonsensical way, become very heavy and bad. We have not come here today to make you abdicate from any religion, if it makes you feel good. We have come here to offer you our presence and our message of peace of openness of knowledge.  Open the wisdom in you.  Do not believe what you they want to inculcate, but believe in your potential because each of you already has everything you need to evolve.  Knowledge is in you.  Wisdom is in you.  Joy is in you, and so much more.  You do not need books to know who you are and where you come from.  We are making people write some simple and fluent texts or books, just to let you have information about what you are and where you come from. Some useless books are snapped up and are published.  Instead those that are truly instructive for each of you, to help you remember who you are, well they are put aside or not published. The book of the person we channel through which wrote Astral, is one of those that are not taken into consideration.  The light and the wisdom that it brings you would benefit you so much on your evolution and your life in general.  Unfortunately, no.  Most of you still do not understand.  You read nonsense things and set aside texts that would enrich you with conscience.  Can you tell me what is the use of knowing the life of someone who lived 1000 years ago but does not know anything about his life? I am the one who lived in that distant time, and I grieve to see so many people, my brothers and sisters, who do nothing but worship others of the past and forget to worship only themselves.  Pray for your person and not for us, including me, the Virgin Mary, I Jesus or Our Father, and the various Saints.  We do not need to be worshiped, but only heard.  You must read those texts where we passed our information to make you understand who you really are and who have been written through the entities of light.  Open yourself to true knowledge and forget the sects that want to keep you in ignorance. You are free from every bond, from any law other than that of respecting your soul and that of your brothers. I stop here today, because you have so much to reflect upon.  Blessed is he who will believe in these words of mine and who will use his wisdom to evolve.”


“Sister, you must show it.  Never be afraid to tell the truth.  Never sister.”


June 7th, 2018

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