Come to me

A divine man has appeared among clouds … “” Come to me, my sister, come to me, my brother, so that I may comfort your heart and your body so painfully. I am around you and inside of you, I suffer with you because I see you suffer, I speak to you even when you do not listen to me, I also guide you when you sleep. Do not cry my sister and you too my brother, in this life all that you go through must be taken with more peace in your heart and understand that you must let him go, because everything will be put in place if you believe it. Look at the example of the butterfly, look when it is in the chrysalis phase, in its transformation, it must go out and free itself from the heaviness of the envelope, after which it will fly free and light in the world filled with beautiful things. Here each of you has his way full of beautiful things and less beautiful things. And today, even if the less beautiful things have been present for some time, remember that I tell you that everything is accelerating and will be the time of beatitude for you, terrestrial and astral satisfaction. Sister and you brother, be full of faith, I offer you my hand at this moment to console your suffering heart, and you will see that my signs for the days to come will rejoice you if you believe strongly in it. Everything will be replaced, believe me, I am your divine brother, the one you always call in your prayers, do not doubt that I am here and I will always be until the end of time. My heart belongs to you, just as your heart belon

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