the destiny??

An angel spoke to me “” My brother, my sister, everything you go through, the hardships and the obstacles that stand in your way, remember that you can very well overcome them because we did not put anything in other than you are strong enough and confident to overcome it. If, on the contrary, you always see only black, negative, then you let life condition you, so you turn away from the path you chose at the beginning of reincarnation. So it is not true that there is a destiny, but it is also true that one day through the choices and thoughts that you make, you change your life program. Destiny is only a utopia, because each energy is constantly evolving and therefore in motion, so if you are a living being endowed with energy, you can very well change the choice of your reincarnation. The only thing that you can never change, and that will always exist, is only the transfer of your energy, the soul which, with the physical death of the human body, enters a dimension created by what you have thought and who built it himself. So you have to understand that every day, every difficult or simple event, was put there by yourself many years ago and you have to cross to evolve and finally understand that life is sacred and that each one of you must be loved and respected for what he is and not for what you see .. The important thing is to live with faith and love in the heart, because in so living your energy will be released a day in a new dimension based on unconditional love and eternal peace. You can not create such a beautiful dimension if you do not look for it first and you already want it in the density of the Earth. You must not believe in a destiny, for whom it is more difficult for one, but easier for the other, there you must understand why. The reason is in your energy frequency on what you have said, done and thought about and that you are still doing. Rectify your thoughts and actions, so as not to further burden your earthly destiny, so that more than fate, I speak only of karma. Dear Brother and Sister, I think I explained myself the best, but I already know that only a small part of you will understand these words and will think for that to change, I warned you how to change, now you will choose this that you want to relive. I bring you my sincere affection, your angel guide. «» ««

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