Live among the clouds

I found myself beyond the gray clouds and I saw this very shining sun;

“Most of you still live in the clouds.  You have around you only gray, and dark clouds. You live sleepy, with your eyes and especially your heart closed.  We try in every way to thin out your clouds, so that you can see and turn towards the source of the sun, because dear brothers, this sun really exists, above your clouds.  What do these clouds truly represent?  They represent the energy that surrounds you, that which each one of you builds over time.  This vital energy that should be white, full of light, has now become a kind of dark cloud which does not make you see your Creator.  You have closed your heart and your feelings are for the most part dry.

Those few good feelings you have, you do not show them, instead on the contrary every day you always express only those destructive feelings, such as hatred, rancor, anger, jealousy.  Why?  Why not try instead to look at the whole of your life with more attentive and positive eyes?  Why do you always see in the words or in the actions of others, only negative things? Even if it were that others tend to hurt you, why do you not try to make a difference by changing your way of thinking and behaving, instead of hating them and behaving like them?  Know that those who are always in these negative feelings constantly surround themselves with these gray clouds and will never turn back to the Creator, the only one that could bring you joy, serenity and peace in your world.  Today I stop here, because in these few lines there is so much, but so much to reflect dear brothers. I do not want to add anything else as to not weigh down your intellect.  Just know that if you reflect today on these words of mine, and make them yours, you will see a glimpse of opening in these clouds and your energy will rise there towards the Source that waits to cure it, and to love it.  Brothers wake up to a new day.

Your Zadkiel.”


Create with your thoughts

A great energy around said;

“Begin to better control your thoughts. Begin to create around you a divine world, because you are with your thoughts you create.  Every day, every minute, instead of thinking that you are not able do something or is afraid of doing something, try to divert this thought or even not to think of it at all because in doing so you really create it. If you always think of things that scare you, or that you think you are without money, without food, or that you are missing something, you come to create it over time.  Try to divert these thoughts based mainly on fear, on jealousy or lack of everything, and turn them into something positive, such as being in abundance, happy, strong and lacking nothing, that you’re healthy, and so on.  You will see how your energy will make you stay in these positive moments.  To think, is to move the energy around you.  To think is to make your energy move continuously and then it will materialize.  If instead of thinking negative things, which do nothing but make you stay in earthly material and spiritual misery, why not try instead to think about enriching yourself, first in the spirit and then making it materialize in your life?  Today, instead of saying or thinking that you are missing something, tell yourself that you do not need anything, but rather that you have everything you need to live comfortably.  Think that you are going through a wave of abundance in every sense.  I tell you that if you keep these thoughts for a certain period of time, this abundance will actually come into your life.  Believe me, children, I have given you the creative power that I have in me so know how to use it in good and proper way.  Do it constantly without ever lowering your arms, and I repeat to you that with time if you are tenacious, you will materialized it.  Nothing is immobile around you, indeed as the Universe is in continuous motion, even your small personal universe is in constant motion and therefore constantly changing.  Do you want to change something in you and in your life?  So then listen to my words and make them yours. Create with your thoughts because sooner or later these thoughts, whether positive or negative, will really be created.  I leave you to my creative power dear children.”